Hurricane & Storm Protection

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Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Atlantic Shutters, Inc. is your company of choice. We engineer custom-designed storm prevention systems and provide professional installation for easy use. If you’re looking for hurricane shutters, storm panels, or flood barriers, then Atlantic Shutters, Inc. is the place for you!

Accordion Shutters

Our Accordion Shutters are strong, solid, and easy to operate. Once installed, you will be provided with durable, life-time hurricane protection that is still easy on the eyes.

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Roll-Up Shutters

The Roll-Up Shutters will give you the same great protection, with the choice of either manual or motorized controls for your convenience. They also offer the added bonus of energy savings.

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Storm Panels

The Storm Panels from Atlantic Shutters, Inc. are designed for easy installation and removal. These affordable panels provide maximum strength and durability for your home or business. You have the choice of either aluminum or galvanized steel for your panels.

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Flood Barriers

Our Flood Barriers are the result of over 15 years of research, development, and extensive testing. Currently, we offer two different removable flood panel systems. One system is capable of reaching 4 feet high, while the other can reach up to 7 feet high. They are both designed to span 4 feet across, but can be attached to one another to provide a continuous flood barrier. Installation of these flood barriers is available nationwide.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home to withstand storms, floods, or hurricanes, then our products are perfect for you. At Atlantic Shutters, Inc. “we appreciate the value of your property.” Thank you for your interest in our company and website. Please review our products and contact Atlantic Shutters, Inc. with any question or needs you may have.

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