Storm Panels & Hurricane Shutters in Miami, Florida

Hurricane & Accordion Shutters in Miami Florida

Accordion Shutters

If you are a home owner along the east coast you are aware of your home’s vulnerability to hurricanes and storms. A hurricane does not have to be a Category 5 to cause maximum damage. A combination of factors such as tide, winds, rains can create havoc even with lesser hurricanes. For these reasons, you have to be prepared, the best way to be prepared is to install accordion hurricane shutters.

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Storm Panels & Hurricane Shutters-Miami FL

Storm Panels

Protecting your home and business is a top priority when preparing for a hurricane. As well as economical as we mentioned above, storm panels and shutters prove to be a time and energy saving solution to protecting your home from hurricane force winds and rain. Storm panels are corrugated, and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength.

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Roll-Up Hurricane Shutters-Miami, Florida

Roll-up Shutters

Protection and safety are the top two priorities at Atlantic Shutters, Inc. Our easy-to-use Roll-Up Shutters provide unbeatable protection from the elements of coastal storms! We look out for the personal security for your home or business.

When roll-shutters are done the right way, the can make any house or business a safe fortress that will protect against hurricanes and coastal storms. They can also offer energy savings as well!

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Flood Barriers & Hurricane Shutters-Miami Florida

Flood Barriers

Our Flood Barrier Systems are the result of over 15 years of research and development. We have engineered and tested two different Removable Flood Panel Systems. One System is capable of reaching 4’ high and the other up to 7’ high.

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